Getting Lemon'd
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Kenneth is immortal 


Up until this point, i’ve been posting photos, memes, short video clips, and other forms of media mostly regarding the best show on the planet: 30 Rock. With the occasional pleasant interruptions of other things I found interesting of the time, the monotony of my blog exacerbated my internalized need to develop a more personal relationship with my blog. 

So, here goes: 

I started working at a certain self-serve yogurtplace. Since I am a full-time student with the exception of some weekly tutoring gigs, I  am limited with my scheduling. So, usually I work 4 hour shifts, with the exceptions of  wednesday, friday saturday where I work for 6 hours: 7PM-1AM, the closing shift. 

At first, closing the store (just me and my co-worker who is usually tasked with keeping the back-end of the store in-check) was a confusing, tedious myriad of tasks. Constantly wipe the windows, wipe the counters, refill the toppings for the next day, tend to nagging customers, scrape off the ever-gooey cheesecake bites, wash the containers/dishes, clean the machines, mop the floor, unplug the freezer, etc. But overtime (a little more than a month), I’ve gotten the hang of it and prioritized tasks. 

But closing the store at 1AM can be quite the strain/drain. Physically and Mentally. Why do you think i’m writing this? Because i can’t sleep…but i’m tired. 

And thats what it comes down to. If i were to consider the millions of people in America alone that work without sleep back-to-back, well…one might say they are not living at all. 

But everyone has their reasons. It is these reasons that keep people doing what they do. For me, it’s to fund my education, livelihood, and car enthusiasm/obsession. Without a reason, well, there is no point to life. I think people are often too focused on finding that reason. I guess reasons change with the seasons. But one should never find himself/herself without a valid reason. 

So yes, this could have been a rant on how the little things at work bother me. Instead, it has turned into a constructive evaluation on my justification for picking up a minimum wage hourly job. At any rate, i’m exhausted but in a better way than before. 

Shit Liz Lemon Says


i WILL, roll in this.


i WILL, roll in this.